I would love to see newcomer players

Do really really feel that all out corner, blitzes and stretch routes work or don't ever happen in soccer. It is just absurd. No team runs them each play but that is because the team shit down it and would adjust. In addition you have that choice if you want to do 30 minutes of study and get better in Madden nfl. Game mechanics that are abusing has always been a part of Madden and any sport for that matter. The skill comes in finding counters to what players are doing and every"cheese" mechanic has a counter.

Wonderful attempt, however, your argument falls apart when Mut 21 coins you consider that EA has an permit to create SIMULATION NFL games. They literally advertise Madden nfl as SIMULATION soccer. You asked"do you want your players to make errors such as irl"? Umm.YES. Like in Franchise mode. Case in point: I would love to see newcomer players making"rookie mistakes". Would add value to your own veterans. Nevertheless, the different modes should be accessible. This SHOULD be simulation mode. However they should keep the competitive mode accessible for your die hard sweats online.A 5-year extension has been Accepted by NFL owners with EA Sports for the league

None of these have played with Madden nfl. Open the license is great. All they see is $$$. Madden makes a lot of money, and the nfl makes money from It without needing to do anything.I mean they do not even let any cable businesses take NFL Sunday ticket whenever they might easily double what they are making now. I don't think that it's just about $$$. They have an obsession with creating their brand look like its a premium.Just look in who their TV advertisers are. It is all dick pills and high end cars/trucks. Their target market is guys.

I honestly think They don't care lol. I don't think a lot of older buy Mut 21 coins millionaires and billionaires give a fuck about simulation game football. They don't require a game and do this shit in life. Can you imagine Jerry Jones playing Madden? The fact they re-upped a few weeks afterwards for 5 years and that the championship was won by a Punter at QB solidifies that. The NFL cares about dollar signs. I doubt we see a different good simulation style soccer match. People hate on 2k, but their attention to detail is fucking amazing. EA polishes their turd of a slot machine and gradually siphoned enough features to make you think.maybe next year is going to be better.
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