A question to any of the Dofus retro team

Compared to this Dofus retro servers where there is hundreds of buy Kamas Dofus Retro people going through gobball dungeon at any given time, lots of low levels as it's slower to level up and lots of people wanting groups because everything is greater in a massive set of 8, rather than the four folks use on ilyzealle.

It is a completely different version of the Dofus sport (10 years distinct ) but if that's the Dofus you remember then it might be more suited to you. If you want I would reccomend it to anybody and this anyway, it's far slower and more buggy that desires a MMO experience that is total and polished. Ilyzealle is better in many aspects, but really lacks the community feel that Dofus retro brings. That can be the most crucial facet to MMOs for a whole lot of people.

A question to any of the Dofus retro team.I watched and I know that the limitation of working with the motor about Dofus 1.29, but I don't know the real limitations. Can spell be altered in Dofus retro (like not just the numbers, but fresh charm, like not needing 4 differents charms for vulnerability to your panda). Will dungeons be present in Dofus retro? I don't know if it would be easy to reproduce the cartoon of those famous mobs of 2.X or it was created about the new engine, making it essentially like beginning from scratch (except the dungeons design).

New items. I think that could be the simplest but maybe I'm mistaken. Introducing new things (or basically the items created in two. X) should be rather simple except the new stats (like harm to particular element). Of course, I am not talking about time since the team behind Dofus retro is likely smaller compared to Dofus 2.X, but its always great to see what might be possible to the futur of Dofus retro.These are changes towards Dofus 2.0 though... folks like Dofus retro for the nostalgia and"rustic" sense, if you start changing the Dofus game to seem like Dofus 2.0 people won't be too delighted imo.

Its all the other things around (such as idols, accomplishment rewards, making the jobs easier to accelerate, making personality leveling manner faster, anyhow ).Yes they can be changed, and you may create new spells together with the Dofus 1.29 customer. If you realize the way the Dofus game is coded (its quite bizarre, best way to explain is DnD dice roll style) and get the resources to Kamas Dofus Retro For Sale host a private host, you can do it yourself.
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