Trim Fast Keto open to high fiber product is for the routine only see high-fiber foods do are a movement a monkey stem then I discovered that chef AJ was going to be doing an online program called the ultimate weight loss program and so I joined it and you want to hand me that top one and I'll just show them this was my highest weight let me see here words that I don't wait wait for it wait for it here it is there it is okay so this was me in 2002 this was at my highest weight I weighed 174 pounds then and that was not a fun discovery let me tell you initially and here's another one from that time frame just to give you an idea that I do know what it's like to be overweight people look at me now and just assume that I've always been thin and I have not I struggled with my weight all of my adult life until 2015 when I joined chef AJ's ultimate weight loss program and the principles that I learned from her program and from the plant-based doctors that she brought in to speak was just amazing if I had learned all of this information back when I was 17 years old when I went on my first diet when I joined Weight Watchers it would have saved me a lifetime of struggling

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