How much is a GP coin worth in tarkov?

Food, additionally a significant component of the game, is increasingly various too, giving the player access to 8 jars of meat rather than 4, and 6 jugs of water rather than 3 Escape From Tarkov Roubles. Likewise included is 9 clinical units rather than 6, 9 wraps rather than 6, 9 braces rather than 6, and 400,000 roubles rather than 300,000 roubles, which are one of the game's types of money.

Other extra things are additionally remembered for the Left Behind Edition, for example, the unrivaled Salewa emergency treatment pack, a RGD-5 projectile, and additional knapsack space comprising of 4x4 openings In any case, that ought not be mistaken for being progressively secure space. Both Standard and Left Behind releases accompany 2x2 Secure Container spaces as it were.
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