2K is arguably better offline than online

2K is arguably better offline than online, its simply that NBA 2K MT most players are only interested in online play. Online is where you've got people whining (often legally ) about exploits / imbalances that destroy competitive play, but thats because gameplay is not adjustable there and you're up against humans who will relentlessly exploit those issues.Offline (and I believe in MyLeague Online, since you organize your league privately with people rather than it being a free for all), you can adjust almost every part of NBA 2K20play to make NBA 2K20 play superbly for what youre later (possibly you enjoy quick modern bball, possibly you like 90s postup/midrange design, etc).

Plus, though there are small bugs around, MyLeague / MyGM has grown through the years to a super deep mode with a lot of places you can explore / control. The only sports game I hear it compared to in relation to thickness is MLB The Show (and I believe most ppl say its heavier than this ). MyLeague / MyGM fans whine about 2K paying attention to those modes annually and instead focusing on the cash cow online manners. It is a valid complaint, but even if its almost the exact same every year offline, in and of itself its really very solid.

I wish that they made it simpler for offline gamers. I look at games like soccer manager or OOTP which are sports management sims and believe, if you set that system into 2K, with NBA 2K20play already been exactly what it is, NBA 2K20 will probably be the finest of all time.Im completely aware that just like 90% of ppl only play online. Online is toxic as hell.

Yea, I think there could be kind of rudimentary, skeleton of a story in MyGM, however in this and MyLeague youre basically just going day to day handling the various aspects of staff -- financing, personnel (staff / gamers ), staff training, gameplan -- and obviously playing NBA 2K20s should you want.I prefer MyLeague because it's more customizable and also leaves out various things I dont care about (dealing with arena financing, etc). FYI folks are Buy NBA 2K Coins whining that 2K destroyed MyGM this season by making it less customizable.
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