Let me begin by classic wow gold mentioning

Let me begin by classic wow gold mentioning am a returning player once cataclysm came out but for many purposes you should consider me a new one considering last time I played with. So coming back into it I wish to find the complete most narrative as possible ( yes am one of these individuals ) with this being said is the only way for me to find the first story is to play WOW Classic? You could find WOW Classic considerably nearer as they've made many QoL improvements. HOWEVER... Considering that WOW Classic doesn't cover Burning Crusade and outside, the encounter is much much much slower. Think of taking a vacation to a rural town. Everything takes longer to reach, things are slowed down, there is not a bunch of hurry for people/NPCs for you what you require. Add in everybody else vacationing at buy gold wow classic us precisely the same time, and that is probably quite accurate of WOW Classic. The story is sort of a mess though. I would recommend viewing a few Youtube videos or reading up on it. Kinda nuts is a little bit of an understatement. Timelines in the modern game are a certified clusterfuck. You'll start out from the south-west zones, in which some quests were altered to reflect the cataclysm and some were not. So you are going to kinda be in rather and vanilla era in Cataclysm era. Then you'll zoom forward/backward to MoP or Cata, then again into Wrath or TBC.
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