Guide to get the reward of Runescape Easter

This year's OSRS Easter event has begun, and the rewards are also very rich, so how do players get these rewards? Here are some guides for players.

OSRS Easter event conch shell, broken egg, paint bucket locations
First up is the conch shell. Leave Bunbridge Castle and go to the south-west facet of OSRS Gold for Sale the island where you will find a few of them on the beach.

At this moment, you need to get a broken shell on the opposite side of the island. Cross the bridge, go past the portal, and you may discover the broken egg shell at the back of the fowl farmhouse. Whenever I need a safe product, I will visit the official website of and buy cheap and safe game currency there.

Finally, you want the paint. Go up to the top floor of Bunbridge Castle, and the paint buckets are behind where the financial institution would usually be. First, the conch shell and the damaged egg are used together, and then the conch shell and the damaged egg are used to make a fake magic egg.

The next thing to do is to go downstairs and talk to the Duke. Finally, it will believe that its eggs are artificial eggs and take your eggs away from their hands to complete the task.You can now go away Bunbridge to get the fundamental rewards, or you can whole two extra mini-quests to get some extra Easter-themed goodies.

OSRS Easter match 2020: The Restless Goat
For the other mini-quest, enter the church through the constructing with the carrots in. How to find a goat ghost haunting the cemetery? You need to talk to Father Buck Creek and seek this task.

Go into the crypt south of the church and check out the grave, then look at the grave nearer when it says the ground appears disturbed. Viktor the Restless Goat will appear and you'll research about how it needs to discover its lacking horn before it can skip on to the subsequent life.

Leave the crypt, cross the bridge and go onto the seaside in the south-eastern nook of the island. Here is where you'll locate the damaged goat horn.

Pick it up and return it to Viktor for some other 5 Easter eggs.
When you go away Bunbridge and communicate to The Disappointing Gelt again, he'll reward you with the magic egg ball, a carrot sword, and every other two Easter egg. If you want to use the carrot sword on the paint bucket, you must enter Bunbridge again and climb Bunbridge Castle to the paint bucket.
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