Find the 2020 OSRS Easter mission

The OSRS Easter event in 2020 has begun, and it will bring some limited edition items. Where are these limited edition items? Here are some guides for players.

OSRS Easter match location
First up is the place to go in order to commence the Easter event. If you haven't considered the severa city criers yelling about an "eggsciting event" taking place in East Falador, let us guide you. Go to Falador (the White Knight city west of Varrock and north of Port Sarim) then go to the north-east corner inside the town walls, close to the Party Room. When you need a lot of safe game currency in a short time, this website is always your best choice. Not only that, you can also enjoy the cheapest price there.

Here is where you will discover The Disappointing Gelt, surrounded through a small army of rabbits. He's stood by means of the fountain; talk to him, and he'll provide an explanation for about how his magical misfortune has created a portal to every other realm. The Rabbit Realm.

OSRS Easter tournament walkthrough
Now you are in the Rabbit Realm, you will word it looks oddly familiar. This region is a scaled-down version of Lumbridge Castle and the surrounding buildings, aptly referred to as Bunbridge thanks to all of RuneScape Gold the bunnies hopping around. Speak to the shield by the portal, and he'll tell you to go and communicate to Duke Rabbacio.

Duke Rabaccio is in the same room you would usually find the Duke in Lumbridge Castle; up one flight of stairs and in one of the rooms. You research that he worships a Magic Egg, as do all the different bunnies, which has triggered this mayhem. Go into the adjoining room and speak to Paws who will provide to you a layout to fix this mess and exchange the Duke's egg with a pretend one.

In summary, you can know the specific location of these limited-edition items, you can go to find them, and then complete the task to obtain limited-edition items, and thus get more rewards.
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