primal grow pro reading about that nonsense and just skipped

primal grow pro reading about that nonsense and just skipped over the okay I was gonna say they couldn't have read about it always be like slurpy slurpy slurpy and then when I turned 21 we knew slurpy slurpy drink like that much better to be over prepared than underprepared yeah every single show that we've done thus far we've had like so much stuff to talk about that it's almost like almost almost - what's the word I'm looking for like when stuff is too efficient I don't know can you actually be too efficient no that's that's a good point no you can't it was just we didn't we had so many topic so we wanted to get through that I feel like we didn't 


primal grow pro best when we can kind of just like bounce off each other and just shoot the shit yeah and like yeah it's nice to have a rough outline of what owns things to talk about in case it ever gets stale but yeah we've talked about penises and dicks a lot it feels like sperm an old an old podcast like yeah like from my 2013/2014 dude 

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