Animal Crossing players will restart in tens (or hundreds) of hours

Christina Lau spent more than 200 hours on her animal crossing: New Horizons Island. She rebuilt the mountains again and again. She transformed her island from a New York-style city into a pink marshmallow garden. In order to improve efficiency, she made a time travel, made hundreds of bait to catch some rare fish, and used millions of Nook miles Ticket to pay off all loans in case of emergency.

But she is still not happy. One night, she was trying to get a panoramic view of the cliff. Ten minutes later, she told Polygon that she started "yelling uncontrollably." Therefore, she decided to reset the game and start again.

"Animal Crossing: New Horizons" is a relaxing social simulator. The player acts as a visitor who arrives to build a house on the new island. In the process of building their own houses, player characters can make friends with cute animal neighbors, change their islands to make them more beautiful, and buy cute clothes. It is a relaxed and low-pressure dating game with no typical stress. But for some players, the pressure to live in such a customizable world still exists.

Lau tweeted to Polygon: “It ’s stupid because it ’s just a game hanging around with sheep and flowers. I hate everything I build. I miss the early years when I just had to worry about planting trees and looking for new villagers . "

Therefore, Lau restarted her entire game. She has just opened the gate of the museum and feels very good about her second attempt. She is not alone-other New Horizons fans started from scratch and burned dozens or even hundreds of hours in the process.

She told Polygon: “My thoughts have never made me feel good, especially compared to the images I saw on Twitter. It ’s especially stressful to see people talking about this topic online,” “I I want to go back and play "New Leaf" because that game always disappoints, partly because I can't tear everything away and decorate anything. "

Molinas said that as beautiful decorations and clever layouts are becoming more popular on social media, the pressure to build a perfect island is increasing. Because it takes a lot of time and tools, he is ready to restart the game, and then he will choose to buy props directly in the store to build the island. Link:
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