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Primal Grow Pro pill 101 on Sundays from 4:30 Eastern until like 6:30 Eastern in case anybody wants to know but this Sunday I'm gonna be talking about the misconceptions of hypergamy and just I never I forget where I'm going with this but as far as as far as understanding the the structures of of we're you know what are the the physical side of things are what are the body mechanics of that and how we like build like social dynamics and religious dynamics around that I think is really interesting I you know we were being going for for almost two hours here I want to thank you so much for coming on here I'm learning a lot I'm taking I'm taking all kinds of notes here as we're talking here so III would love to have you on again before I'm doing this series of you know the red pill and religion because I want to it's sort of a build-up for the book for but it also sort of you know like right now I mean we're talking about you know flow week right there tha


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