Nitro Strength exactly have that luxury which

Nitro Strength  exactly have that luxury which can be a problem a lot of time so bad you can see getting nice and vascular all the way up all the way down really flexing and squeezing you'll notice sometimes I do lean back a little bit that's actually a way you can kind of self spot as you're doing the exercise just make sure you're always controlling that negative on the way down moving on I'm going to be doing single arm preacher curls four sets ten reps per side this is actually an exercise that I haven't tossed into a bicep workout in a long time and it felt really good I feel 

Nitro Strength   or inch and a half at the bottom of the movement where you kind of disengage and have to re-engage your bicep it takes so much more power you have to activate so much more muscle fiber to really push through that sticking point that I don't understand why you would want to skip out on that because you got to make a lot more games when you're doing full range of motion and as you can see you know how you stand in position is really important here as 
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