Now, Blizzard is not talking release dates

Now, Blizzard is not talking release dates, but they are talking about Diablo Gold the next time we will hear about Diablo 4, and what communication will probably be like about the game moving forward. In a post, game manager Luis Barriga expresses details these plans, and gratitude for all the excitement in BlizzCon:

We are also excited about a trendy upgrade we are likely for you in February of next year.

So, the plan is to get our first new info in February, and then going forward, we'll be getting"Rs" updates on development progress going forward. That's more transparency than several studios offer, even though there is sort of reason that many places do not, as if you show something early and it ends up changing, you have angry fans once you reach final release. It is also not quite clear how many quarters of updates we'll get, and we are still no nearer to an actual release date being declared. Barriga previously said that the BlizzCon build was a"first measure" and that the match wasn't even coming"Blizzard shortly"

Strangely, Diablo 4 has been verified for current gen consoles, PS4 and Xbox One, that will no longer be current gen consoles this time a year ago when PS5 and Xbox Scarlett arrive. But I have a sense this is less about the game coming out shortly (it's literally impossible for it to be out in another year) and more about the fact that it will encourage both present and next gen releases.If I had to guess about when Diablo 4 will really arrive, I would not say earlier than late 2021 or early 2022, given the condition of where we are right now. That would be 2-2.5 decades away, which seems about right to me. That's...8-10 Rs news updates!

I am mixed about what has been revealed at BlizzCon, partly because I'm unsure of a few of the adjustments being forced to make everything exceptionally Diablo 2-ish, partially because I wonder how really representative this is of the last solution, as we have seen demos crafted purely for show before. But we'll see. I will play with buy Diablo Immortal Gold 1000 hours of the game. If this will begin, I don't know, and neither does Blizzard, right now.
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