And speaking of Dofus Kamas Retro

And speaking of Dofus Kamas Retro, we will have the pleasure to send you new details about it within a couple of days via a written interview which we realized with Logan, current Producer on DOFUS. We will be back together with him Dofus Retro, Dofus Unity, the forthcoming sound redesign, customer optimizations and many other topics with some exclusives! We would like to thank the DOFUS staff and notably Logan for now we've been awarded and for the answers supplied.

On July 4, while the Hexagon can sleep on both ears due to an overall fall in temperatures, Dofus players, they are getting ready for a massive influx of content through the 2.52 upgrade. Quest for its Dofus Vulbis, fresh Dreggon Zone, new charms per course, lots of new things which we will discuss in detail right here.Since time immemorial, the Vulbis Dofus benefits from a drop rate of 0.001percent and can only be obtained on a single monster: Crocabulia, found at the Dragoeuf Sanctuary. Regarded by most as the very popular object of Dofus, the Dofus Vulbis will follow the path opened from another Dofus of this manner, and will be obtained through quests. Be careful however, the quest series is recommended for level 200 Dofus players.

It is Thursday, July 4th the 2.52 upgrade was launched. Since novelties are on the program, the latter doesn't skimp on the additions. You might discover it a little greater, the Dofus Vulbis can currently be obtained at the conclusion of a series of quests, such as the Ivory Dofus. Innovations which will not fail to be stormed from the many guilds that populate the MMORPG.

In addition to buy Kamas Dofus Retro addition, for Dofus players, other new attributes will influence all Dofus players of Dofus. This 2.52 upgrade is also an opportunity for every category to benefit from two new spells,"for more flexibility". Spells that will come with an adjustment in the present spell worth?? And new Dofus game mechanisms, for Osamodas and the Sacriers.
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