Dofus Kamas takes a more mature and slightly darker twist

Dofus Kamas takes a more mature and slightly darker twist. He clearly retains his humor, which turns out to be just a bit darker than usual. In this expansion, players will find 4 brand new zones with very distinct atmospheres governed by their own 4 superboss: the Cavaliers of this Eliocalypse. During these heroic quests, the adventurers will collect details about the identities of those terrible entities, clues about what awaits them in 2020, but above all, fantastic battles.

This update is also an opportunity to make lots of developments, beginning with the well of Infinite Dreams. This inexhaustible dream loop is a kind of"infinite dungeon" in which chambers and hordes of creatures are provided to players in a pseudo-random method. From now, everything is evolving: difficulty levels, rewards and gaming expertise.

Finally, class balance remains a matter of all seasons: this time, it was the Sacriers and also the Osamodas, amongst others, who had been treated to a blow of polish. Finally, a December upgrade wouldn't be complete if it did not provide Kwismas Island to its community: the inescapable meeting of every end of the calendar year, with its (poisoned) gifts carefully wrapped beneath the snowy firs.

By means of this news, let us take a look at the customization possibilities in DOFUS, the importance of this customization and its exploitation by the players but also by Ankama. The world is of beauty. I believe it squeeze between every stressed nerve. I am over-excited. It is the first time that I'll see it like this. It's not unusual to buy Kamas Dofus Retro be mesmerized by the beauty of a thing, of being, however insignificant it might be, and no matter how it's perceived by others. The most important issue is what you are feeling deep inside. Hello, World of Twelve, I see you finally, as I should have seen you from my birth.
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