Is this currently releasing as a timed Xbox One exclusive?

Is this currently releasing as a timed Xbox One exclusive? Not only can it be an game, MMO players do not typically play on consoles, and Xbox One is at end of life. None of PSO2 Meseta this makes sense. Hopefully PC release can allow it to recover from what I expect to be a dead launching. I really looked forward to this, now I'm concerned it will be dead on arrival.

MMOs really do well on consoles, so I don't know where you're getting your premises from. But anyhow from what I hear MS is assisting with servers which is why it's an Xbox/Windows 10 exclusive.To add for this, pso2 is amazingly really nice to play on a control so it will fit well with many people.I was surprised how well final fantasy xiv worked on console. They left the control work amazingly well. It worked so well when I switched to computer I really kept using a controller for most of my gameplay.

Skills was much faster and simpler, for me personally using. I can easily reach 1-4 - perhaps 5 if I stretch -. On the controller I had access to 16 abilities instantly, and the other 8 I believe with another button modifier (I think it was both triggers at once rather than one or the other), in addition to having the ability to change to a different pair of 16 skills just by pressing a button on the D-pad. Does not really surprise me because FFXI was originally started on console then PC (in Japan), it was obviously constructed around the controller since the keyboard controls were horrible, so I imagine despite the truth XIV release on PC original, they probably kept console controllers in mind first while really making the PC controls not terrible.

I know the vast majority and can really pull from my experience. In addition, I know that the PS4 has a user base that is bigger than Xbox One in regards to people who want to play JRPGs. So I'd expect the PSO2 userbase to be split heavier in PC or favor. It's not Phantasy Star Online 2 being Xbox/Windows 10 exclusive that I'm concerned about, it's that Phantasy Star Online 2 is starting as a timed Xbox exclusive. Which hurts the launching population and popularity of Phantasy Star Online 2. Being an MMO population is vital to it's success. Timed-exclusives are often done for the interest of games sales, however, I do not picture Phantasy Star Online 2 is going to be pushing console earnings for a couple reasons, the majority of people who are considering Phantasy Star Online 2 probably already have a PC to play it on after timed exclusive interval is finished, and buy Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta the console is already at end of existence. I feel like they are damaging the launching population and popularity of Phantasy Star Online 2 for nothing.
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