Your point about RS gold the 15 minute timer

Your point about RS gold the 15 minute timer makes no sense. You can get literally everywhere in RuneScape game in 15 minutes. There's absolutely no way it can cause you to lose your items unless you intentionally do not go to pick up them. In fact 15 minute in game time is a lot less rigorous than the 60 minutes irl time. Now you can take a rest and come back the next day and pick up your items in peace. The current system forces you to perform a couple more minutes right after dying to have your items back, and this is particularly bad if your death was brought on by host problems.

Completly agree, I don't see why this is being released. Its so arbitrary, and I'm in the sub conscious daily and play RuneScape game daily and the only people I have been visiting requesting this are the Max PVM mains who want to basically gate keep bossing and possess the costs of unique's rise.because the baby mechanics everybody's wanting to keep we are never part of RuneScape game. It was a shield to stop DDOS issues. Details can be argued by us but the death mechanics got ta go. PvM is safe.

2k+ complete, still nowhere near max, 500m bank, fairly great pvm-er but I die every so often because of becoming overly involved with my movie or incident or youtube video, I don't believe this will kill the RuneScape playerbase. I really do think that it's a small bizarre idea, not the strat I'd have taken to buy runescape 3 gold change up death mechanics, but the way it's looking to be correct now, I am totally fine with paying a few gp to reclaim items in a normal death, I already do it in Vorkath and Zulrah plus it only takes one or 2 more kills to find the cash I spent on the death. The way it's shaping up to be, I think the effect will be so minimal that it will not be too much of a bother, and to be fair,
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