The major difficulty RS3 has is that if you're not addicted

Genuine question. Why do people always say'Ironman is fun bc you have to experience the game without mtx' could you never encounter it with no mtx by just,y'know, not partaking in said mtx? Or do you view it as the economy was tainted by mtx so that you dont want na interact with that part of the sport? Because in the event that you know your accomplishments were your own, nobody else can. Nobody else can see the legacy you built.One of the attractions of RS gold multiplayer games is the way others respond to your avatar and how you respond to others. You're able to tell experienced people and non experienced. Why build something with hard work when somebody else could cheat the system? This is fundamentally the same as both monkeys in a cage completing the exact same task - 1 fighter receives a cucumber and the other a grape. The avocado is significantly the greater reward so that the fighter using the cucumber gets frustrated. We're not any different. When we can see others get the same / better rewards for easier / equal work we see how unfair it is.

The major difficulty RS3 has is that if you're not addicted to the sport to commit to the arbitrary grinds(drop log titles, pets, trim, etc) the pace at which you finish the sport is too quick. So people get to the"I am maxed now what?" Phase of the game faster, and that is where most men and women get bored and stop until fresh content. But recently RS3 has been just getting new content like 3-5x annually. Like we're 1/4th done with 2020 and just have War's Retreat and maybe Arch impending any extra flaws.

There's plenty of articles to occupy yourself in RS3.Sure, however maybe not all of that content is even worth touching. You can skip fishing 90% of the fish in the sport while trimming and be fine for instance. The ultimate objective is to max, and with this being simpler than ever, a great deal of people get bored with their post-max goals which are random grinds and depart until fresh content comes out.If how you play the game causes you to be maxed in less than 30 days of play and leaves your bored, play a different way. I have three skills I am working toward maximum on with any kind of attention, but I have done plenty of random shit since I wanted to (e.g. fighting the Giant Mole at battle 115) plus it was fun. The max guild is your end-goal, sure, but you should be attempting to match as much pleasure into the journey there as possible. That you're ignoring opportunities to do so in the name of efficacy is your fault.

You don't have to, however you still can. There's a large difference in doing content since it is efficient vs because it's enjoyable, and most high efficient methods aren't fun to do since it is boring/click intensive/costs gp/etc. No, I don't need to fish shrimps, but suppose I prefer to make money while I'm skilling? Imagine if I really enjoy Fishing Trawler? What if I enjoy things but are not that effective to do in comparison to other techniques? There are plenty of ways to go around maxing, and should you would like to do it proceed. But I can envision a player not being interested of playing with best ways to make money on osrs the sport, but rather be interested in that what makes people stick for this match.
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