Conveyor Chain'S Heat Treatment Method

Annealing, normalizing, quenching, tempering, carburizing, nitriding, carbonitriding, boronizing. The aging treatment includes artificial aging treatment and natural aging treatment. Annealing, after a period of heat preservation, the workpiece is heated to 30-50 degrees above Ac3, then slowly cooled to 500 degrees with a furnace and cooled in space. Normalize, heat the steel to Ac3 or above, and take out the cooling operation from the air after cooling. After quenching, the steel is heated to above Ac3 or Ac1, and after cooling, it is rapidly cooled in a coolant such as water or oil to obtain an unstable structure. Tempering, reheating the quenched steel to a temperature lower than Ac1, cooling to room temperature, and then performing heat treatment.

Natural aging treatment, the aging phenomenon that occurs when the workpiece is placed at room temperature or under natural conditions for a long time, is called natural aging treatment. Artificial aging treatment, which uses an aging treatment process that heats the workpiece to a higher temperature and performs aging treatment in a short period of time, is called artificial aging treatment.

The above is the heat treatment method of Conveyor Chain .

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