Kitchen Faucets Manufacturers Introduce Details Of Faucet Replacement

Many people will ask questions. I want to change the filter of the faucet, but I don't know how to change it. I don't want to destroy the surrounding area. The AFA Kitchen Faucets Manufacturers will then tell you the correct method of disassembly.

First of all, check the water output of the faucet before maintenance. The water output of the faucet is small, and there is obviously a foreign body clogging, which requires maintenance.

Next, you need a tool, a relatively large wrench. Use this wrench to remove the faucet.

Next, adjust the size of the wrench to the head of the faucet. It can be clearly found that the position where the wrench can be installed on the faucet is clear. Use a wrench to twist the head of the faucet, paying attention to the direction.

Unscrew the head of the faucet. As you can see, the head is a combination of many small parts.

The nozzle assembly is divided into small parts, from left to right, the nozzle assembly is from top to bottom, and left to right, which are gaskets, plastic filters, small wire filters, small plastic filters, and the main body of the head assembly.

Check all the small parts of the nozzle assembly, clean all the small parts, and then reinstall them according to the disassembly order. First install a small plastic filter.

Then arrange the three small wire filters into neat lines and place them into the body of the head assembly.

Then install a plastic filter.
Then install the assembled head assembly back to the faucet.

Finally, turn on the faucet again to check whether the cleaned faucet assembly is working properly and whether the water volume and speed are normal.

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