you know me I live in my flat and I really like living in there but I've decided to come home today just for the day because with the whole coronavirus thing going on my uni is bit funny like some lectures around saman and it's just really confusing so I just thought I'm just gonna come to my house revise film some videos I thought I was gonna film videos here today because for once in my entire life this room is tidy this used to be one bedroom when I lived here and it was not the tiniest of things let's just put it that way if you know me you know how bad it was now it's not so I thought I'm gonna film in here for the first time ever so that is where we are right now but why is the radiator on so warm it's boiling outside I'm actually sweating right now it's probably comes up next to the radiator but anyway in today's video

Posted in Entrepreneur Failure Experience on March 23 at 08:07 PM

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