Stainless Steel Handmade Sink Manufacturers Introduce Raw Materials For Sinks

AFA Stainless Steel Handmade Sink Manufacturers will give you a brief introduction to the production process of stainless steel sinks. The production of stainless steel sinks usually includes selection of raw materials, production and manufacturing processes, and surface treatment. Usually, these three steps are required. The selection of raw materials and the production process are the most important.

1. Raw material selection:
At present, the stainless steel raw materials commonly used by domestic stainless steel sink manufacturers are 0.8-1.2MM thick stainless steel plates. This thickness is most suitable for producing sinks. If the sheet is too thin, it will affect the life and strength of the sink. If it is too thick, it can easily damage the dishes.

2. Production process:
Mainly the processing technology of stainless steel sinks and pools. There are two main types, one shot and welding.

Welding method: The groove surface and the valve body are stamped separately, and then the two are connected by welding to fill and polish the weld surface. Generally, no welding marks are visible on the appearance. The production and processing method has a simple process, which can be achieved with small stamping equipment and simple molds. Generally, a stainless steel plate of about 0.5-0.8MM is used. This processing method has less loss and relatively low cost in the production process, so the price of stainless steel sinks produced by this method is relatively low.

One-time molding method: This processing method is a stainless steel sink formed by pressing a single piece of material. Processing equipment and mold requirements are relatively high. Due to the high requirements of sheet quality and ductility in one-shot molding, 0.8 is usually used. -1.2MM thick stainless steel plate is stamped, using the overall mold, imported stamping equipment. Since the cutting loss of the edge of the plate is large in the production of the one-shot molding method, and the investment in the mold and equipment is high, the cost is relatively high, so the stainless steel sink produced by this method is more expensive. .

3. Surface treatment:
Stainless steel sinks also have many surface treatment methods, mainly matte, brushed, and matte. Thanks to these surface treatments, the sink can stay in its new state forever. Of course, the prerequisite is to keep the stainless steel sink clean.

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