you have to play RuneScape gold

The -only- reason that you have to play RuneScape gold, and possess this argument and totally miss the point I made that, is since Jagex made the choice to continue runescape with no jungle, free commerce, and introduce bonds to fight gold farmers and stolen credit cards. That's all there is to it. Prior to EOC was even introduced, Jagex did these items to keep runescape going. OP is complaining about Jagex's stance over a decade and a half ago compared to now, probably entirely unaware of those challenges Jagex confronted and the reasons they left the decisions they did.You only get to play with OSRS due to MTX if you want to accept that or not, since Jagex made the choice to keep runescape running with MTX and did what they needed to do to keep vendors doing business with them. There's nothing to argue about this actuality. Goodbye.

Great questions. I have experience with MMO servers over the years breezed through this tough location. There are no physics calculations server side, in the present time it's all just distance tests. It validated enough to dissuade any kind of customer side data that was false. Scaling it is another story, although it runs fine today. This is harder to test in the minute but it's having a lightweight media library that is fast, just add some multithreadijg in and it should be enough on a server that is fast.

Nice, just how are you loading the 3D world on the server though? I assume you have space checking with objects on the planet and the ground? Isnt ita pain to cheap RS gold programm all this ontop Are you going for"smaller servers" or do you want to apply or perhaps single shard servers, like eve or dual universe? Have you ever left your mind on the kind of combat system that you would like to implement? If you use TCP or UDP I figure tab goal or action based, this restricts.
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