you can ask another Animal Crossing friend for roses

Flowers are one method of accomplishing this. A few roses should be kept in a safe place on your island if you plan on celebrating Valentine's Day the following year early. Players shouldn't be surprised if their island becomes overrun with flowers, as this is a common occurrence. Learn how to obtain roses in Animal Crossing: New Horizons by following the steps below.

In Animal Crossing NMT, you can learn how to obtain roses.
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A rose can be purchased from Nook and Cranny or Leif's Garden Shop, which are two of the best places to find them in Animal Crossing. Even though roses can be found growing naturally on the island during certain times of the year, players can easily purchase seeds for 240 bells per bag or 1200 bells for a five-bag bulk for a total of 1200 bells.

It is recommended that when it comes to breeding, players experiment with different color combinations until they achieve the color roses they desire. As previously stated, players will be able to find yellow roses, red roses, and white roses growing in their natural environment on their island. Having a ladder in their inventory will make it much easier for them to navigate up to the higher levels of the island in order to harvest those rose bushes.

Perhaps players have risen to the position of Animal Crossing rose kingpin, allowing them to trade their valuable flowers for those of other players who are not having as much success.

There are several different kinds of roses in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

We've compiled a list of all the different kinds of roses that players can purchase, find, and breed in Animal Crossing items, which you can see below.

The following items are available for purchase at Nook and Cranny or Leif's Flowers:
Red roses, white roses, yellow roses, and hybrids are all available.
Roses have become popular as a result of breeding. In Animal Crossing New Horizons, there are a variety of different rose colors and recipes to try.

Golden Rose: Black Rose + Black Rose (watered with a golden watering can) Golden Rose: Black Rose + Black Rose
A black rose is composed of a red rose and a red rose.
'Blue Rose' is a hybrid of the Red Rose and the Red Rose (Red Roses bred by crossing Purple and Orange).
The Red Rose is made up of two flowers: the Purple Rose and the Orange Rose.
Roses in Purple: White Roses + White Roses
Orange Rose is made up of two flowers: red rose and yellow rose.
Pink Rose is made up of two roses: a red rose and a white rose.
Now that players have learned how to mix and match roses, they can start putting together the ultimate Animal Crossing New Horizons multi-colored rose garden of their dreams. Also included in this section are a few DIY recipes that call for specific types of roses, such as the Golden Rose Crown, the Chic Rose Crown, and the Rose Bed, among others.

Blue roses are a rare and difficult flower to grow in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and they are particularly difficult to come by. As a result of planting seeds throughout the game and cross-breeding with other flowers, you will be able to create special flowers that will enhance the outdoor landscape on your island.
Nook's Cranny is a shop where players can purchase several packs of white, red, and yellow roses at a discounted price. If you are unable to locate these seeds, you can ask another Animal Crossing friend for roses, or you can wait until Leif comes to your island and sells roses to complete your quest.

Guide to Obtaining Blue Roses in the ACNH
It is recommended that Animal Crossing players plant the white rose seeds separately from the red and yellow rose seeds once they have procured their seeds. It is recommended that you build a fence around your white roses to separate them from your red and yellow roses.

Afterwards, players should expect to see a purple rose blooming amongst a cluster of white roses. In addition to the red and yellow roses, there should be a few orange roses included in this bouquet as well.

To grow red hybrid roses, users should collect the purple and orange roses and plant them in a different part of the island than where they were collected. After several red hybrid roses have bloomed, you should collect the flowers and plant them in a new location, where they will eventually produce blue hybrid roses, as shown in the photo.">Animal Crossing New Horizons items" in 2020. When it comes to purchasing gifts for Animal Crossing fans, there is a plethora of options.








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