fifty four Wholesale Cigarettes Store production

Relating to October twenty nine, chongqing city and Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Cartons county Public Security and safety Bureau and additionally Chongqing Smoke Monopoly Governing administration announced to media if you have a large subterranean "black butt factory" for Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Online Banan region of Chongqing was first destroyed most recently, including 6 industrial facilities producing and additionally selling bogus cigarettes, along with gang which usually produced and additionally sold bogus cigarettes. And the production about large butt machine, packaging model and 1000s of counterfeit equipment, physical lawsuit value about 10 million dollars yuan, fifty four Wholesale Cigarettes Store production and additionally sales about counterfeit company members happen to be arrested.

Consistent with reports, as soon as successful cracking for the "September 25" faux cigarette lawsuit in 2018, Chongqing Smoke Monopoly Governing administration analyzed and additionally analyzed focused clues and additionally found an exciting new trend about fake butt crimes, since it set " up " a hallux joint task force along with the public security and safety organs. Task trigger investigation found of the fact that coastal smoke vendor frequently decided on Chongqing, and additionally mysterious location.

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