I reached att/str/def/hp approximately

While I was trying to RuneScape Mobile gold stop the Revenant I was eating swordfish. I prayed and turned to run. Prayer didn't work! The freeze spell was too strong. Even though there were plenty of swordfish left, prayer + running away did not suffice to break the Revenant's freeze spell. I panicked and tried to run away, but the prayer finally broke the freeze spell.

Then, I reached att/str/def/hp approximately. 70 each. It appears that the Revenants require you to use mage/range. I bought the best items for mage I could find on f2p (Orb Project Complete Outfit) and a magical staff), plenty runes [Earth Blast], lots of prayer points (Earth Blast), full food and inventory... and I also used an emergency Falador Teleport (1 air+3 laws of air+1). I was ready to go to Dark Warrior's Fortress. I kept an eye out for Revenants and was prepared to defend myself using my mage and prayer, if necessary.

In the Dark Warrior's Fortress, I received only a few seconds' notice of the level 53 Revenant walking through the halls. I started to pray and attempted to make Earth Blast ready. The Revenant was hitting 15HP per time! I ran away from 8 squares and had prayer on however, the Revenant was hitting 10-15 HP per time even though it was many squares away from me! I didn't have the time to eat enough food to compensate for buy OSRS gold the HP loss. Mage is not the most effective way to defeat Revenants.
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