This really is 100% true for every single game's player base

This really is 100% true for 2007 RS Accounts every single game's player base. While occasionally a developer has overlooked something important and players may assist thembecause it is the players that play Runescape--the player base often makes really stupid decisions because they don't actually spend much time considering what a change might do, they do not have some development experience, and they are often quite self-interested. In the case of OSRS, the gamers have absolutely vetoed bad thoughts multiple times before, however they have also vetoed great thoughts, and also the absolute dumbest ideas generally aren't the items that get polled, they are the things which get indicated and upvoted right on the subreddit.

I think way also. But I don't mind the thought of giving the OSRS team more control. Because besides PvP stuff, and upgrades genuinely dividing like a ability. I feel like they have a good deal of freedom to design content. It is not like everything they poll gets shot down. Like if they polled DT2, menaphos and raids it would pass without it even being close. Seems like more of a motive to maintain the polling system. Will pass. The updates a great part of the player base dislike won't pass.

Another thing to think about is because something neglects a survey does not mean it can't be reworked by them and repoll it later. What is great about situations like that is they will get a good deal of feedback from players and correct the material before adding it to Runescape. As someone said though, then a group of gamers will be marginalized for needing yet another ability or for being Pkers. Eventually they will get jaded and depart Runescape, which I'm sure Jagex does not want. I honestly voted but with voting involving the groups that actively take part in it and Jagex gaining power over decisions. As a pker and someone who enjoys pvp I feel this is my only alternative.

Feedback is vital. There are RS 2007 Accounts many cases of the OSRS team pitching an update and the community essentially reacting like"woah woah woah hold on, did you think about this ___". Turns out jagex did not think about said thing, and the update was better because of this neighborhood feedback (or wouldn't have been great w/o it). These are the community long term jmods that are enjoyed by the community and general know their updates that are good. They are still human and can't know everything. In case the same update were to happen in RS3, it would've gone in without the prospect of opinions, or simply ignored (though we have had instances of ignored feedback in OSRS, see prif/crystal armour and bh2) along with the update would have stayed bad/dead/broken on arrival. So them engaging and acting on comments and feedback is vital to OSRS.They can present utensils kind of like the iron saliva already in Runescape match, then tie it in to smithing. Hell, let us get BBQ or a grill going. It would be a fantastic incentive to a actually use. A balance to it might be a burn chance. The food food for pvp would be balancing. Completely agree. I believe like most skills have various paths you can take (slow and cheap, expensive and quick ) along with many different methods. Runecrafting is indeed stagnate the xp rates are shithouse and never increase as you go higher in levels. Yeah bloods are afk but nevertheless demotivating to even get to 77 and many just stop at.
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