The most successful endorsement in sports history!

The most successful endorsement in sports history! Do you know the story of Nike and Jordan's original collaboration? As we all know, the signing of New Drop Jordans and Nike is not only the most successful cooperation in basketball history, but also the most successful case of commercial endorsements in the world sports arena. Through the cooperation with Nike, Jordan has expanded his influence in the world, and the income from sneakers is even several times more than the total salary of his career. Nike also used Jordan's influence to promote him to become the leading industry of sports brands. However, did you know that Jordan did not want to cooperate with Nike at the time? Nike and Jordan have three restrictions on signing a contract. Do you know what they are?

After finishing his junior year, Michael Jordan decided to formally participate in the draft. Therefore, many brands have asked Jordan to sign and are ready to become partners after he enters the NBA. At that time, he was most likely to reach a cooperation with Jordan. He has been wearing Adidas, in addition to the sports brand boss Converse at the time also had a strong interest in him. However, at that time, the little-known brand Nike, but the sincerity first impressed Jordan's mother.

The day before he was going to negotiate with Nike, Jordan New Air Force 1 even called his parents and said that he didn't want to go, but at the request of his mother Delores, Jordan still came to the meeting. However, during the meeting, Jordan still showed little interest in this negotiation, although Nike offered Jordan an annual endorsement contract of 500,000 US dollars, totaling 2.5 million US dollars, and even allowed the promise of sharing Jordan's sneaker sales. You know, before the NBA's largest shoe endorsement contract was a one-year $150,000 endorsement fee reached by Lakers star Worthy and New Balance. Nike's decision can be said to have all the assets.

In the end, under the persuasion of Nike and his mother, Jordan finally reluctantly agreed to sign with them, but listed his conditions, that is, he wants a sports car of his own. At that time, Nike executive Vaccaro was prepared for this. He took out a Lamborghini car key from his pocket and said to Jordan, "Take it, Michael, as long as you sign the contract, you can buy as many sports cars as you want. can buy".

However, Sneakers2090 will not put itself in such a dangerous situation. In terms of contract details, Nike also set three conditions for Jordan at that time. They were-1. Jordan needs to get the best rookie, 2. Jordan wants In his rookie season, he averaged 20+ per game. 3. Jordan will enter the All-Star within three years. If Jordan fails to complete any of the above three conditions, Nike has the right to terminate the shoe contract. This bet agreement on other rookies can be described as harsh conditions, but Jordan achieved it all in his rookie first season. Not only did he average 28.2 points per game, and beat Big Dream to be elected as the best rookie, but also in the first season of his career. Just entered the All-Star, Nike and Jordan's cooperation has been up to now.
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