Are You The Victim of Sexual Abuse?

Children are truly precious gifts that need to be protected in every way. While most parents are attentive, caring, nurturing and do their very best to provide everything that is needed for their children to flourish and develop into adults who are upstanding citizens, sadly there are still times when harm is done. sexual assault hamilton

Perhaps the most shocking and sickening harm that is done to children is sexual abuse. Sometimes this happens at the hands of a parent or step parent, and other times it comes from people who children trust and look to for guidance and support. abused sexual hamilton

Unfortunately, there appear to be three institutions that seem to abuse innocent children more than any others. These three have attracted the anger of court systems, the public and even government. They are as follows:

Charities for Boys and Girls: Charities such as boys and girls homes are designed to give children a safe place to go when they are at risk. The main purpose of these organizations is to provide guidance so that children can escape abusive situations at home. Unfortunately, these homes often abuse the very children they promised to protect. sexually assaulted hamilton

Foster Homes: Foster homes are put in place by local and state governments to provide a residence and place of security for children who have no parents or guardians to watch over them. Cases of sexual abuse and other forms of abuse have continued to rise in foster homes over the last several years. sexual abuse helpline

To help you understand just how heinous these crimes against children are, let's take a deeper look into what each of the above mentioned entities is, and how they have taken advantage of their situation.

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