Rsgoldfast - All runes and arrows are provided

What i meant was a new mini game that RuneScape gold was a mix of pest control, FoG, Clan Wars, Castle Wars, and Duel Arena all in one. Picture this- you can engage in fights similar to what you do in Duel Arena, or like how you can challenge to fight clan wars.

All runes and arrows are provided. The rewards are comparable to Pest Control with the exception that you can boost your summoning using the points. Another possibility is of waging war with a large number of people.

It's like you enter a portal to choose a random group (from 2) and then have an all-out battle based on combat level (selection varies depending on combat). In order to create an equal team, you need to be able to endure a continuous massacre... What do you think? Post any suggestions for minigames that you would like to see...

In the event of a battle with other teams they will be able to make stages the same manner as they would during clan wars or in a duel arena. A second thing I realized was the importance of knowing what rewards will be. Points are awarded based on how much damage your do to the game. After that subtract the amount you spent. The result of the game is determined by your points total. It's a secure mini game! It is a great idea to be able to use your points for genie lamps or other similar objects. You can also use this to learn any skill (but it will not provide you with lots of experience).

Ivan will comment that nobody is home. Inside the room are some tables, shelves and two mists that look creepy, a sink, and an unfinished chest. To find the Rod of Ivandis or a Guthix Balance Potion (2), search the shelves. These are essential. Speak with Ivan and you'll find that the Flail they sent has been destroyed and the chest where it was stored is broken. At this point, you will be able to see something lying on the table. Grab the Strange Object and buy runescape 3 gold the two mists will appear.
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