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Our escort site directory did the work and found the most popular escort sites in Belgium. You will find the sexiest local Belgium escorts through our links and you won't be able to thank us enough!

We are also here to guide you and give you a run down of what its like getting an escort in Belgium, the laws around prostitution, the best escort sites to visit and a whole lot more. Escort Belgium

How much do escorts charge in Belgium?

On average, Escorts in Belgium charge between 150 – 200 Euros per hour. Escorts are generally not very cheap in Belgium compared to other European countries.

You could find the odd girl offering 15 minute specials or car calls for as low as 50 Euros. However those are the kind of bargains you will usually find with the street prostitutes.

If you are game, you will understand that the price is not fixed and you can negotiate. The price depends on the specs and reputation of the girl. It is not uncommon to also find girls charging 300+ Euros per hour and up.

What kind of escort girls can I find in Belgium?

You have several options to choose from. Surveys have shown that there are more than 25,000 escorts in Belgium and the majority of them migrate from other countries such as Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine etc.

Besides enjoying the full services of the natives, you can also explore the Eastern European babes, Indians, and African chicks. Many different nationalities of women are available in Belgium, Beautiful women from all the less fortunate neighboring countries migrate there to earn a good income.

If you are a lover of porn and you're into some really kinky things. We have some good news for you. A lot of adult movie porn stars lived here, They have quite the price tag on them but you can definitely go explore the porn star experience.

Is it safe to meet up with escorts in Belgium?

Sex work is legal in Belgium but certain related activities such as pimping and soliciting are illegal. Belgium areas may introduce further regulation or prohibition. The exploitation of people or human trafficking in prostitution is punishable under the law for a maximum prison sentence of 30 years. There have been lots of reforms proposed to change the existing sex work laws.  Escort Bolivia

The downside of hiring escorts is that you can easily be swindled and get scammed. You have to be aware that there are several scammers out there and you must go for the escort that is trusted.

As always, we have provided you with a list of trusted escort sites, We have done our background checks and contacted some of the escorts on these sites, talked to locals and found these sites to be reliable.

You still have to be street smart and ensure that you don’t bring tons of cash with you, also, always use protection and trust your gut.

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