Silk Scarves - How to Tie Three Popular Style Scarves

As season changes, check out your wardrobe and see how many different scarves you have. Here three popular style scarves are highly recommended and the trendy ways to tie those scarves are also suggested. The three scarves are small silk square scarves, long silk scarves, and silk shawls scarves. Premium quality scarves online

The small square scarf can be made of soft silk or chiffon in a bit harder texture. The soft silk scarves can be tied into a flower shape or worn as a hair scarf. The silk scarf in the hard texture can be put on the neck and leave a triangle shape under the chin. This tying knot is tidy and perfect in the office.

A flower knot is a simple way to tie small square scarves. Tie a scarf knot with two ends following the diagonal line without obvious tail for the knot. Cross and tie the other two ends though the hole formed from the previous tying. Pull gently and tighten the silk scarf into a flower shape. Then, tie the scarf casually around the neck. Buy Premium Cotton Scarves Online

The long silk scarf can be tied in multiple ways by fashion women because it has more options from the longer size. The colorful long silk scarves in a soft silk texture create an elegant feel and are the classic image of silk scarves. The wrinkled fabric application in the scarves comes from Korean and the embellished wool hem looks lively and lovely. The silk sequin scarves are more suitable for evening parties where the scarf has been changed its original purpose to decoration, such as wrapping on the broad rim hat, tying on the handbag, or a belt for the pants. How to appropriately tie your long silk scarves is a test for women and check how their fashion tastes are.

To tie a flower knot with a long silk scarf, put it on the neck and combine those two hanging ends together. Twist the hanging part until it is tightened into a loop and then put the scarf tail through that loop. During twisting, make sure tight enough and the twisted patterns are even. Because the flower is formed through twisting, the visual effect will be obvious and more elegant if fit on the neck. Custom Printed Silk Scarves

The Korean long silk scarves with wrinkles can be beautiful with casually wrapping around the neck. A little tip is to leave one end with the extra length compared to the other when making a knot so that you do not have over staffed feel around your face.

The shawl scarves can be made of silk or wool. Usually wool or cashmere provides a better draping and extra warm from the thick fabric. However, there is a new fabric which is woven from 100% silk but the similar hand feel to cashmere. The only difference is the extra soft and smooth. The shawls can be worn for most time of the year. It could be to keep warm in the early spring, cold winter, or protect yourself when sitting in the air-conditioned room in the summer. Although the shawl styles are simple, the high end products can be shown through some details, such as hand made tassels.

The easiest way to wear shawls is to wrap it around the upper body. The shawls with tassels are more attractive for this way because the tassel decoration can be shown right in front of your eyes. Printed wool scarves

Few women know that you can make a collar effect from a shawl. Fold the broad rim as a collar before wrapping the shawl. Also, leave one side longer so you can wrap your shoulder or back easily. The hanging style earrings can be a nice touch and leave the face and neck to shawl scarves for decoration.

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