Madden NFL 22 will not be Brady's first Madden cover

Brady is an icon when it comes to Madden 22 coins the NFL playoffs. His postseason performances have been nothing short of amazing. Brady has made it to the Super Bowl 10 times, and made it to the playoffs in 18 in the 21 seasons. His consistency and his quality of performance are impressive considering the age of his players. He's 43 years old however, he'll soon turn 44. The NFL quarterback has hinted that he might not retire from the game until he reaches 45.

Madden NFL 22 will not be Brady's first Madden cover. Even though Brady was the Madden NFL 18 cover athlete and the "Madden Curse" that would have made Brady not play in the Super Bowl, meant that Brady's appearance in the game against the Philadelphia Eagles would be marred.

Patrick Mahomes is a rookie in the NFL however, Mahomes has rapidly risen through in the ranks and become an elite NFL quarterback. Mahomes his sophomore season was his breakout season following his playing time in his rookie. Mahomes, who was a rookie quarterback who led the Kansas City Chiefs' to an impressive 12-4 record in the regular season but lost to the Patriots in the playoffs. The 24 year old Mahomes won the championship in not a surprise as Mahomes set numerous records and won the NFL MVP award.

Kansas City went on to achieve another 12-4 record to buy Mut 22 coins make it into the playoffs. The 2019-2020 NFL playoffs were an exciting adventure for Mahomes. In just one period against the Houston Texans, Mahomes threw four touchdowns in order to overcome the deficit of 24 points. Mahomes his heroics in the final minutes of the game helped the Chiefs beat the Texans in a similar match in the 2020 Super Bowl.
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