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    Though the white flag movement or #KibarBenderaPutih has lost much of its virality in the past weeks, it does not mean that there are no longer individuals and families in desperate need of aid. At the same time, the work isn’t over for those willing to help.

    Many businesses have taken it upon themselves to supply aid packages to help the needy, and common folk have also banded together to start beneficial initiatives.

    There’s no end yet to the sites and apps that have been popping up, meant t...  more
    Foodbanks in Selangor & KL | Feed Selangor
    Feed Selangor is a site to find - Food Banks in Selangor - Food Banks in Kuala Lumpur (KL) & Food Banks near me. We aim to increase accessibility...
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    Happy New Year 2021! Bye bye 2020
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    Hawaii, can now suicide in a comfortable pot!
    Many people request for netflix before die.....
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    America police kills innocents, America court jailed 120k innocents (120k proven innocents!!)
    Riot burn and destroy properties, looting is happening almost daily in america.
    What have they become??
    Black man Jacob Blake shot in back by police in Wisconsin city, says governor - CNA
    MILWAUKEE: Wisconsin's governor on Monday (Aug 24) deployed his state's National Guard to Kenosha following a night of sometimes-violent unrest ...
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    Another America riot update. People get shot in the head execution style.....
    If you still worship America as God, I hope one day that person get shot is not you.
    Riot, burn and destroy city, looting is now happening everyday. You don't see this happen everyday in other country!
    And fox news justifies the shooting ......
    Tucker Carlson Justifies Kenosha Shootings: Vigilante Kid Did What ‘No One Else Would’
    Tucker Carlson on Wednesday rallied to the defense of vigilante kid Kyle Rittenhouse, who allegedly shot and killed two protesters in Kenosha,...